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How was Detroit Kirbie

Mr. Silly

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I was a bit apprehensive, but it was really very nice.  We didn't venture outside the People Mover route, and we were in the arena most of the time, but what we saw was pretty.  Plus my friends and I were all pleasantly surprised by how friendly and helpful people were.  Everyone we met went out of their way to help us.  We were walking one morning and ended up on a pedestrian walkway near an overpass that only led to highways.  So we turned around and started walking back and a nice lady stopped her car and asked if we were ok or if we needed any help.  Then we were looking for a restarurant in the Renaissance Center, and a nice man walked us to the location so we didn't get lost.


We also had very nice weather most of the time and enjoyed the river walk. 


All in all, except for this stupid cold I picked up during the trip, I was very pleasantly surprised by Detroit and I'd be happy if they had another event there.

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I came back with a cold and my brain has been too stuffy and medicated to write creatively.


This will buy you some time, but it really is no excuse.  We expect the story from you, people cannot be disappointed.  Disappointment leads to general unhappiness, nobody wants to be the cause of general unhappiness.

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