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I think that Netflix will always be best.  I also have Prime video, Hulu (with commercials) and Disney+ (those last two because they came with my cellphone purchase).  I also now have been using HBO Max and Apple TV with the gf's logins.

I always think of Netflix as the gold standard.  No commercials, no messy interface, no clumsy and horrific attempts to extort more cash from you to rent or buy like a damn dollar store or somesuch (Prime and Apple, lookin at you here).  Hulu has more than I thought it would, HBO Max seems way better than I thought it would.

I could give up prime and not care.  Apple has a couple good things (Ted Lasso and The Morning Show), but other than that, not so much I want to watch.

It seems like something has to give, is there really room for all those, plus Showtime and Starz?

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I've got cable tv still, so I get Peacock with my cable and HBO Max since I have HBO.  I also get Prime just from having Amazon.  I still mainly watch Hallmark and game show reruns from the 70s.    I  like Peacock because it covers a lot of skating (commercial and commentary free) and I suspect it will pick up a lot of the TdF coverage. with the NBC Sports channel not broadcasting anymore.  I have said I won't get Netflix until I at least clean out my dvr, but the behind the scenes Tour series looks interesting ,

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