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Vancouver Cyclist Charged Over $3,700 To Repair Vehicle That Hit Him


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I see another new area of legal work for an enterprising lawyer specializing in accidents involving cyclists and ....supporting the cyclist.

Vancouver cyclist charged $3,700 for damage to car that hit him | CBC News

Dearie and I personally knew this VAncouver lawyer who specializes in representing cyclist in personal injury cases:

According to a personal injury lawyer who specializes in representing cyclists, the two cases highlight the unfairness at ICBC.

"After [the introduction of] no-fault, the ability to challenge any decision that ICBC makes, including liability, was removed or severely restricted," said David Hay. "Under the old system, you could retain counsel to create some leverage ... In the new world, you can't pursue damages."

Hay recommends cyclists wear a body cam for the purposes of evidence in the event of a crash.

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It's a shame that Vancouver's no-fault insurance laws never took care of the loophole that lets someone run a redlight and hit someone and then the costs of the damages are shared.

Is the car's insurance company sharing or paying for the costs of the healthcare and continuing rehabilitation or is that covered by Canada's universal healthcare?

Does the cyclist have the right to sue the car driver for suffering, time lost, the fact he'll never have full use of a hand, etc.?

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