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March Madness: got a shot at $100,000 from ESPN!


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The winners of each round of the ESPN Women's NCAA Tournament Challenge go into a random drawing for a single prize of $100.000.

I won (along with others, I'm sure) the Elite 8 round by correctly picking all 4 winners - and I had to pick them before the first round of 64 began.  So my name's in the hat for the random drawing for $100,000, no matter how the rest of the tournament unfolds!  Probably one chance in 100,000, but it's a free contest and I'll take it!

Unfortunately, I didn't pick enough final four teams in the men's challenge to win any of the remaining rounds and haven't won any others.

I'm also in the top 10% in CBS's Women's Bracket Game, where I have three teams (I picked N C State instead of UConn) and have a chance to stay there: the top 10% go into a drawing for $6000 plus 2 tickets to all the games in next year's NCAA Women's Final Four.

I have shot at the top 10% in CBS's Men's Game if Duke and Kansas make the finals and Duke wins.  The same prizes and random drawing as the women, except  2 ticket to all the men's final four games next year.

By entering both the men's and women's CBS games, I'm in the random drawing for a $45,000 truck plus a $10,000 backyard electronic basketball hoop game.

It's all free and long-shots, but somebody has to be the winner, but you've got to play to win!



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