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I have been on hold since 8:50.


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There needs to be a Federal law that says - in appropriate legalese - that if a company includes a help, complaint, or pay line with a product, the wait times can not consistently be longer than, say, 15 minutes.  That allows for occasional glitches due to hurricanes, etc.

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7 hours ago, Kzoo said:

We don't need no stink'n porch rockers.


Thanks Einstein 

3 hours ago, Parr8hed said:

Update?  Did you still have ice in the cooler?  I have been waiting!!!

All melted


got off the 8 minute call at 12:30. They answered at the same time a meeting was supposed to start in my office. 

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Posted (edited)
29 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

Was it worth the wait or was it just crap.

Redacted. Let’s just say it will be very good for the children. 

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Thought better of it.
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