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Friday dinner


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17 minutes ago, Zephyr said:

Not sure yet, but maybe a Maple Curry Chicken Penne

I saw this amazing recipe while browsing in bookstore. Well, ok  something for all your adult kids who will fly in to visit with baby too. I was intrigued by the apple cider used for making batter liquid.

Baked Chai Apple Cider Donuts — Honey Blonde (thehoneyblonde.com)

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I was going to make a pizza and put spaghetti sauce on half and pizza sauce on half for a taste comparison - pinching the dough to mark the boundary and which side is which.

But after shopping, I stayed at my sisters house a long time helping her move stuff around to prepare a bedroom for her husband Brian's older son from a previous marriage and his wife and kid, whose flight from Texas arrives late Friday night.  It was too late to start making the dough tonight so I had a big bowl of homemade chili I had frozen.

Brian is doing ok a week plus after surgery, doesn't need oxygen every time he gets up and walks around anymore, but a doctor examined him and said he's not hearing his bronchial tubes like he normally expects and said to keep an eye on his blood oxygen level - it's been good and, without getting oxygen, around 95% saturation when he's sitting or lying down, as low as 77% when walking. The docs want 90% or better, the low numbers when walking were expected.  I bought my sister, after a difficult search of many stores, a pulse oximeter that clips on your finger and tells you your blood oxygen saturation, back in 2020 when she almost died of Covid.

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