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On to the finals.


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Picking brackets in free, online, prize games sure makes March Madness more interesting for me.

I don't have UConn reaching the finals in any of my prize contest brackets!

I won the ESPN Elite 8 Round, predicting all 4 winners before the round of 64 started, so I'm in the random drawing for $100,000, which is composed of perfect round winners.  Probably with 100,000 others but someone has to win!


So I won't win the final four round. but I have two ESPN brackets with South Carolina winning 68-64 and 68-62 so I have a chance of doubling my chances of winning the $100,000 if SC wins by one of those scores.

I have South Carolina winning the finals in two of my CBS brackets - no score prediction required: if they win I'll probably be in the top 10% from whom one is picked randomly to win $6000 plus two tickets to every game of next year's women's final 4.

In the men's tournament, if Duke wins 74-70, I'll be in the pool for a chance in a different $100,000 prize at ESPN and if Duke wins a shot at the top 10% pool at CBS, where the prize is $6000 plus two tickets to every game in next year's men's final four.



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11 hours ago, maddmaxx said:

UCONN wins a tough one over Stamford.  Yet another team shoots poorly against a stiff defense.

Ah, I heard “Stanford” when I heard the radio report this morning. I don’t follow basketball, let alone college basketball or women’s college basketball to have known if that was as reasonable match-up or not.  All I knew was that UConn wins the women’s tournament often.

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