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Originally, I was going to build four 12' x 4' raised beds for veggies in my yard.  Then I thought, I'm not going to plant or take care of that much, I'll do two raised beds.

I thought I might do just one, but then I ordered tomato and pepper seeds, seedling trays, etc. and decided two are needed.

I'm about a month late in starting seeds but since some years I haven't planted until late May or early June - about the time serious growth kicks-in around here - I haven't lost much production.

Since I'm going to the trouble of doing seeds, I figured I might as well play with some varieties I haven't done before.

I'm going to grow about 3 each of 5 indeterminate (keep producing until frost) tomatoes:

San Marzano (for sauces - THE tomato for pizza sauce in Italy).

Supersonic (a large, beefsteak-type loved in the Northeast that I've had lots of success with in the past)

Jubilee (a large yellow, mildly acidic tomato - for the hell of it)

Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes

Yellow Pear (pear shaped mildly-acidic cherry tomato).

For bell peppers, I've only had consistent success in the past growing the Lady Bell variety all the way to red.  So I'm going to grow "Lady Bell", maybe 6 plants, but also I ordered seeds for "Archimedes:" it supposedly grows about 3/4 as many peppers as Lady Bell but makes up for it in size.  It also supposedly produces consistently all season and is more disease resistant, while Lady Bell produces most strongly in "mid-season."

I'm also going to plant Diablo Brussels Sprouts that love freezing weather and grow for two years, but they don't get set out until June so they don't ripen during the hottest weather.  In the past I've grown the "Long Island" that were great and I was even picking sprouts that had ice from frozen rain on them in winter.  But they were small-sized and Diablo supposedly grows bigger sprouts and lots of them on a 2 ft+ tall stem.

My back porch is enclosed, heated and gets a lot sun through a lot of windows, so the seeds should do well there - I've done this many times in the past, so I should go smoothly.

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Spinach, peas, and carrots are starting to appear. Still waiting for snow peas, lettuce, and radishes. I plan to add more seeds of the above for a second harvest. Next weekend we hope to get some topsoil for the second 8x4 bed and the 4x4 bed. Tomatoes, squash, okra, beans, and beets will go in those with some marigolds, nasturtiums and basil, oregano, and thyme. 

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taking a risk, depending on what you planted!

I've got peas in, I'll get some spinach and lettuce in this week.  Got about 500 seedlings in the indoor greenhouse.  Everything but  few peppers are up.  Taters, beets, radishes go in soon, then beans.

I'll thin the strawberries right after easter, I'll have to find a way to dispose of a few hundred plants.

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