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Copper Harbor, MI


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I road from Hancock (at the base of the Keweenaw peninsula) to Copper Harbor.   It was a pretty ride except a mile after Mrs. Silly dropped me off there was a hellacious climb that I didn't know about.  She was nice enough to wait at the top to ensure I made it OK.  Hmmm... The road to Copper Harbor was a little narrow but not too bad.  Most of the traffic is heading south if you ride it in the morning.  I really enjoyed the ride.


There are quite a few mountain bike trails in Copper Harbor.  They were probably too technical for me even if I had my hard-tail.  You might like them though.  


There's a cool fort up there to check out.  Climbing Brockway Mt would be a good too if the road were wider.  I wouldn't do it because of car traffic.  You have a great view of Lake Fanny Hoe from the top of Brockway Mountain; it is worth the drive up.

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