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Jshartt -- good stuff?


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6 hours ago, Dottles said:

Now I want to try!  But please no axe murders while I"m eating.



Okay, so this is kind of a trend in Dallas.  Taco shops that try to come up with creative variations of tacos.  Velvet Taco, Rusty Taco, Torchy's Taco, Fuzzies Taco all compete against each other.  Fast casual dining.  Generally, but not always without drive through service.  In our hood we have a Velvet Taco, a Fuzzies Tacos and a Torchy's Taco all within a mile of each other.

Fuzzies is good.  Not great.  They put some nasty spice mix on their chips and their salsa is sub par if you ask me. 


 I like their tempura battered fish and shrimp tacos.  Their breakfast tacos are good.  Do not go here often, but have seldom been disappointed.  They have a very basic bar, no bartender, just the cashier who also mixes drinks.  Would not go here just for drinks.

We have at least a dozen Mexican places within two miles of the house, probably more.  Fuzzies is nothing special

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