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So much sadness…


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8 minutes ago, Kzoo said:

You came this close to being shot in a fit of rage and you are worried about some cheese and a couple slices of pig?


Yes, believe the news. All of CA is filled with gun toting thugs. Danger everywhere. Especially in the parking lots of Class A office buildings…

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1 minute ago, 12string said:

I haven't had a Ham and Swiss and spicy brown mustard sandwich in ages!  Delicious.  Now I'm hungry!

Where did you say this occurred?

In the parking lot of one of my buildings…. 

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13 minutes ago, ChrisL said:

All of CA is filled with gun toting thugs. Danger everywhere. Especially in the parking lots of Class A office buildings…

Then you were certainly lucky.


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8 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

They are stingy, 3 articles, then pay up.

...but he lives in NYC.  It has all sorts of handy local news and features that will make his life richer and fuller. And it has restaurant reviews for places he could try out. Even when I was poor, I managed to read the Times, in different places in the US, and that was when it was a hard copy.  Sometimes, it would be a shared newspaper in the break room, or bits and pieces discovered on the bus or train.   For a while, I even got it mailed to me in the rural backwaters. (Or that might have been the WaPO, I forget now.)

I can remember entire Sunday mornings spent with either the Times, or the Washington Post.

I live here on the West Coast, and by rights should probably subscribe to the LA Times. (The local paper here, the Sac Bee, has long been gutted of its staff, and is currently an abomination.) But our online subscription is to the NY Times.

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19 hours ago, ChrisL said:

So we had bought some nice Swiss cheese & ham from a deli for the FIL.  I rarely eat sandwiches so thought a ham & Swiss sandwich with some spicy  brown mustard would make a great lunch.  Knowing the meat & cheese wasn’t likely to be eaten I made it piling on all of the left over ham & cheese & threw it in my lunch box.

Fast forward a couple of hours and I’m leaving one if my sites. It’s a bit early for lunch but that sandwich is on my mind so I get it out of the lunch box and get in. Now it’s hot in SoCal today so I roll down my window and proceed to drive with the sandwich in my left hand.

Well I need to make tight right turn to exit the parking lot and I navigate the turn badly with only one hand. At that moment where I’m way too far to the left in the middle of the turn a car turns left towards me so we are now on a collision course.

In a panic to correct my line  I hit the sandwich with my right hand, it flys out the window and gets run over by the oncoming car!?!?!  I stop looking at my squished sandwich with much sadness. Other driver gets out: Did you just throw something at my car!?!!  Yeah my lunch but not on purpose…. Other driver, looking at the squished ham & Swiss mustard oozing on the street, oh damn and I killed it too…. 

So a day of much sadness, no ham & Swiss sandwich for lunch. 😡

I don't know if this calls for a :unhappy: or a :).

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