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Sing me a lullaby


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I just woke up after 4 hours of sleep. That’s not enough! Now what do I do? I don’t feel like I can get to sleep as I am wide awake. Got up to get some water and while I was afraid to activate my mind by reading this forum, I also didn’t feel like sitting in silence as I don’t want wake my wife. This seems like a good compromise. So now I feel pressure to fall back to sleep so I don’t take a 4 hour nap later. So please rock my cradle and put me under. Thanks in advance. 

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1 hour ago, BuffJim said:

Not much of a singer, but I could send you the slides to my compliance presentation. Works for most people. 

I missed the slide show but was able to fall back to sleep nonetheless.  Whatever you did, Sandman, it worked.  It must be that Von Miller effect over there.  I understand it's a real thing.

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