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My neighbor got busted by the Feds for selling fake sports memorabilia on eBay


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Really bothers me.

They were such a nice, quiet, affluent family. A family that is participating in (alleged) fraudulent interstate commerce is a good neighbor. They will be hard to replace. :(

It shows you really aren't a very good judge of charactor.


Maybe you'll get some onion growing hippies to move in, and improve the resale value of your property.

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selling fake sports memorabilia?


head for the hills, Ma Barker!  And of course its a Federal case, and naturally the DOJ is going to go all out. After all, we the taxpayers probably spent a million bucks on the high tech criminal investigation


And too, collecting sports memorabilia is already a "buyer beware" sort of business. You aren't going to be buying Ty Cobb's cock ring on EBay. the people doing the buying were trying to get something on the cheap to begin with, so they should have known better


this goes back to I do something stupid like buy Babe Ruth batting gloves (look in all the pics, the Bambino didn't wear any) and it's not my fault for being an idiot, its the person who sold it to me's fault for not protecting me from my own stupidity.


And so an otherwise decent man is going to jail, a decent family is out on the street, and AWWC has to break in a new set of neighbors

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You're not going to slicker me! 


I know Honus Wagner ain't no rookie ;)



my grandpa told me a Honus Wagner story when I was a kid. Back in the 20s pap was at the game when the Pirates played Ty Cobb and the Tigers. Cobb got on first. Cobb shouted something down to Wagner at short. Pap said it sounded like he called him something then added, "you stupid Kraut" to the end of it.


When Cobb tried to steal second, Wagner took the throw and broke Ty Cobb's nose with the tag


now THAT'S a baseball story from the Golden Age

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