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The big storm is past...


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Saw some clips on twitter. Scary stuff.  They moved all the fans at the baseball game to the concourse after the tornado sirens went off.

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11 hours ago, petitepedal said:

Local TV went to regular broadcasting. Storms to continue..but nothing big until...maybe tomorrow..90 degrees for tomorrow too. :runcirclsmiley:I guess it is almost bedtime :D

Weird weather!  We've got a cloudy but dry day with a high of 71F.  It will be a nice day to mow the lawn - rain's expected the next two days.

First, I have to spend a 2nd day trying to get my doctor's office to fax a prescription refill to the pharmacy for my Freestyle Libre: each day means 1 day without being able to test my blood glucose. If it's not done within an hour, I'm going to the doctor's office and raise hell.

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