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Demons and Angels


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I try not to judge.  I try really hard.  But sometimes, I have to wonder why people do evil things.  If I could no longer afford a dog, I would find someone to take him or her.    I often wonder if strays get dumped and then relocated instead of rescued.  Anyway, this happened yesterday.

From the DSDA Facebook page

This one is really hard.

These 4 adorable Great Pyrenees pups were dumped under a bridge in the middle of nowhere east of Dallas. We don't know how long they were there but luckily they clung together until their Guardian Angel stumbled upon them yesterday. By the time they were noticed they were quite hungry, thirsty and coated in stickers.
By the time they were spotted one of the pups was severely injured but fortunately scooped up right away and taken to a vet in the area with an orthopedic injury. This pup has been accepted by another rescue organization called SPIN.
The 3 remaining puppies waited in the same spot where they were likely dumped until these photos could be circulated on Facebook and DSDA was tagged asking for help.
This time, on a wing and a prayer, we said yes to the remaining three pups only because one of our amazing vet partners said YES to keeping them safe for a few days until fosters could be arranged.
They were safely delivered by an Angel to our vet partner yesterday afternoon and we will know more about them today once they have been examined.
What we do know is they appear to be well socialized, sweet, willing to be easily rescued and trusting and what is hard to stomach is even though these pups went through hell at the hands of a human/s they are still smiling!!!
We are scrambling for fosters as is everyone. Never in our cumulative years of rescue in the Dallas and surrounding areas have we ever seen the discarded pet problem so bad.
If you can foster please go to www.DSDA.org/foster for more details and submit our online application. We are located in the North Dallas area and our 3 vet partners are in the same area so it's easiest if our foster families are located within driving distance to our vets and meet n greets also located close by.
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