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First World problem in Greenville


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I have an Aunt, let's call her Joyce.

She was my Dad's youngest sister. We lost Dad 2 years ago.

He loved Joyce, but she is mean.

I haven't seen or spoken to her in 10 years?

One of my sergeants told me he ran into her at her work six months ago. I drive by there on my way to work every day.

Last night, coming home, I finally stopped. I asked about her and left my phone number.

On my way home, it struck me Dad would want me to reach out to her more, so I bought a card and some flowers. Went back, left the flowers and card.

I was told she would be working today, obviously I really don't know.

I kept the card simple.

"Dad really loved you so I was hoping it would be ok to stop by for a hug sometime. I really miss him."

Something like that. Last night I was thinking my Dad would be proud of me for reaching out. Now I'm wondering if the flowers and card were a bad idea.

- Confused in Greenville

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You did your par adn your best to get ahold of her, the rest is up to her.


Reminds me of Gina's aunt. We went to NM to visit and meet Gina's family. Mother and Father's side. We had a great time but one aunt would NOT drop by to visit Gina even though she lived 1/8 of a mile away from the others and had several chances over a period of a week.


The other family members were pissed at her because of it. They said she was just a mean ole beotch but I told them about a story I heard from her years ago. Maybe she was embarrassed to show her face. She started a rumor that I had bedded down Gina's MOM, WTF!


I told Gina's mom, it couldn't have been that good cause I don't remember it!  :lol:


Oh well, Gina did her best to see her aunt and this was the first time Gina's been back to NM in 40 years! 

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Thank you, but she didn't call. :(

What should I do now?


You extended a hand, you did the right thing.  Don't take it personal if she doesn't take it. 


Thanksgiving is coming up.  What should you do next?  Wait for Thanksgiving.  Can you think of a happy Thanksgiving memory about you, your dad and your aunt?  Send her a card and include that happy memory.

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Are you sure she got the card and flowers?

No ma'am. Guy who took them told me when she'd be in today and seemed real nice. I was in my uniform and one of the customers teased me and asked why the flowers couldn't be for her.

Another customer told me his daughter worked with me. We talked for a minute and I realized his daughter was my favorite corporal. :)

So, everyone seemed nice enough.

My Aunt truly scares me.
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