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Positions Were Flipped!


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I have a general "rule" when out riding, and it is based around hating getting into a back and forth of passing with someone.  So, my rule is to never pass a bigger guy near the top of a climb if there will be a downhill or even long flat coming up.  I will wait until the top, see the pace they go, and decide whether I can cleanly pass and drop them at that point or if I should wait until the next climb.  In general, I'm on the lighter side of recreational cyclists, so I pass most people on climbs, but if I don't reach them until the top, gravity and momentum are going to make their mass an advantage, and were I to pass them, they would then draft or pass me on the downhill/flat section. 

Anyway, on Monday's ride, the roles were FLIPPED!  I was the "big guy" and the little guy was a big dude on a 50+lbs ebike.  Where I normally scoot past folks on a hill, his ebike made it so he could hit and hold 20mph on any climb we encountered, but on the downhills, I would distance him easily.  It was weird to have that "opposite" sort of ride.  Dropped/passed on climbs but doing the dropping and passing on the flats and downhills.  If he had one of those ebikes with the 28mph boosts, I'd surely have been in trouble across all terrains, but his less expensive one (with fat tires) was one with a seeming 20mph assist limit.  

Fun seeing that different perspective.


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