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Mr. Beanz

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I've decided to like everybody's mileage post in  the thread.  

Some people I can tell particularly like me so they don't like my post. 

Well zF#@k you!!

I'm liking everybody's because I'm here for the bikes  and posting pics.😄

So especially if one puts in the effort to post a pic, I'm liking it 👍

Especially nice pictures because they put in more of an effort than just clicking a button. 😉

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Eh, in some of those long threads, I don't read them regularly or thoroughly. Additionally, my "Like" responses can be somewhat arbitrary. In the Wordle threads, I give "Awesomes" for 1,2,or 3; "Like" for 4, 5, and 6; and "Hugs" or "Sads" for the abject failures losers didn't-get-its.

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