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Just finished this 3d print


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A friend built one a few years back. It was a bit more pricey then I wanted to think about then. Yesterday another guy next to me had questions and the building guru sat with him and gave him all sorts of info. They are definitely more user friendly and affordable than back then. I looked online and it looks like model car downloads are becoming more readily available. I may have to just pay him for material and download!

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23 hours ago, UglyBob said:

Pecking order in the Bird house is the wife, the dog, the inlaws that live 2 miles away, then me...if no one else shows up at the door.

It is good you know your place.  :)

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1 hour ago, Chris... said:

Army painter

I had never heard of them here in the east, even in our gamer shop of the Time Machine.  I went to their web site and found it very interesting.  It's not clear though what they use for a thinner or brush cleaner.  Any company that produces "malignant green" though has to be tried.  ;)

I changed over to acrylics years ago after too many years of using Floquil paint with toluene for a thinner.  Too much airbrushing without a filter mask

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