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The end of the phone problem at work


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:dontknow:  So...two weeks ago we had a phone line that was dropping calls...at the same time my co-worker reported her voice mail wasn't working..back and forth with basically two companies..FINALLY...someone was due to come out today..I was told 11 AM...when they hadn't showed up by 1 I called again...and was told they were not scheduled for 11 but would be there sometime this afternoon.  AT 4 PM.....I CALLED AGAIN...low and behold somehow after 2 weeks of calling and talking to various folks I got transferred to someone who suggested a basically a 4 button code.


It worked...voice mail is recovered.  I mentioned I was trying to troubleshoot with the manual and she said it was a tech code ..and apparently you can either cause this to happen by hitting a wrong button..or sometimes it just winks out...


Anyway..We recovered voice mail at 4:20 pm this afternoon...no tech visit..no $150 per hour charge.  Life is good....I told the customer support person I loved them. :) 

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