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I should start a new


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Business. A concrete curbing, landscape business.


I called these jack holes who advertise in my neighborhood newsletter about getting some and scape curbing done in my front yard. They advertise 80 linear feet for $375. 


As it happens I need 78 li. ft. Called and a lady came out, measures, shows samples, and writes up a contract. No money given.


First appointment was for the following Tuesday, 8 am. Tuesday comeths and by 11am I call. Voicemail. Call at 1pm, voicemail. Call at 3 to FINALLY get through only to have the lady tell me some bullcarp about the high possibility of rain that day. 20% chance on the news but they said 80%. Never freaking rained.


Second appointment was for the following Tuesday. I call Monday to confirm. Voicemail. Never showed Tuesday. I called four fricken times. Leaving two messages. No call back. Now their phone gopes directly to voicemail. My wife calls a few weeks later and leaves a number not the one associated with us. Called back right away. Meanwhile I find out they have three BBB complaints from botched jobs and ruined yards. We never called them back. 


Called three other companies last week to schedule some-pucking-one else. Had a guy schedule to come out for estimate; never shows. Second company hasn't returned calls. Third company charges almost two more dollars a linear foot but actually calls back and schedules an appointment for this coming Tuesday, 


I am not holding my breath.


Why be in business if the fucksticks don't even call back let alone show the fuck up?

I am not selling them something, shit I want to PAY them to do something!

God forbid you actually work for a living.



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