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The My Life IS.... thread!

Mr. Beanz

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Beanz you put a smile on my face, which is a good thing because the last few days have been really, really sucky for me, but I know they will get better.  Oh, and that is a very white shirt :)


Glad I could be of service. Just one of life's little cycles. Stick in there, it "always" gets better!  ;)


Life is like a white shirt. This one is white but when it's faded and old, I will move to a  brighter whiter one.  :)

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My life is awesome!


I have all the makings of serious theater. Ups, Downs, Inbetweens, and all overs.


Have nearly lost it all and been on top of the world. The fact that I am thirty and have been able to experience so much and still be alive at the end of it has be miraculous.




Thanks Beanz! Great idea for a thread. 

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