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Question about a blister


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I got a small burn on my finger a couple days ago that blistered.  I think this is the longest I've had a blister without it popping. Dr Google says to just keep it covered and all will be well in a week or two.  Does this sound right to people?  How does the blister eventually just go away?  I could see that new skin covers the burned area, but isn't the blistered skin still hanging around?   At least I didn't sprain it, so there is that. :nodhead:

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@Wilbur is probably correct...  but I pop them.  Then depending where it is, it will most likely get a bandage and this applied (before the bandage). 

Neosporin® First Aid Antibiotic Ointment, 0.5 oz. Tube MK 386810

I've also recently had blisters from hiking.   I know better... but this happened.  I hiked 6 miles in new boots last November.  And to make it worse they were not laced tight enough either.   I got blisters UNDER both big toe nails.   That hurts...    I drilled holes into each toe nail, to relive the pressure.   And that indeed helped.   But... the blisters were bad enough I eventually lost both toe nails.  They are almost done growing back. 

I have gone on many vacations where we hiked many more miles each day.  Never had any problems.    

I just used my Dremel drill with a small bit.   And of course Neosporin.  No infection.  The pain was gone after the blisters were drained. 

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