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I just heared of this today. Ima thinking that @TrentonMakes would be best at it!  It starts with 1 second of a song intro and you can get more seconds one at a time until you recognize it. Cool!  Today’s sounds familiar but after aboot 5 I still don’t have it. I am sure I know it though. 

Too bad mr wardle doesn’t get royalties for all these punny takeoffs on Wordle. :D

BTW I think Wordle is a great example of KISS.  I am a simple man and I know that I am not alone in that!  :D



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Yeah, I did come across this at some point and I did them for a week or so, but most seemed to be recent pop songs I did not recognize.

The other day I saw someone share a new site that was like Heardle only with Beatles songs... I already forgot what it's called. That I could do. 

There have been lots of Wordle "imitators" but for whatever reason the original is the only one I've made time for. 

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