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I'm finally getting the chainlink fencing moving forward


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When my brother's family went on vacation - with no doggie door - I spend a lot of time at his house looking after Jake because my yard has no fence.

So I arranged today to get my yard fenced. The fence company is going to measure at 10 am Friday next week.  The county says I can no longer fence in my entire front yard because there's a law keeping houses at street corners from fencing within 25 feet of the intersection so you don't block drivers' views.  Strangely, I can put an 8 ft. high hedge there, but not a 4' high chainlink fence!  I fought for the past year and put in three different requests for exemptions or grandfathering.  Unfortunately, all the county officials I was knew well when I was on the county's Landfill Laws Commission and State Legislative Liaison to the County Executive are retired now. I would have been simple to get what I wanted a generation back. So I'm leaving my front yard completely unfenced - there have been no problems in the past year.  I'm having the entire back yard fenced (all 4' high chainlink) and alongside of the house with a fence and gate running from the edge of the property to the front corner of the house, parallel to the front street.

Here's what I'm getting: 4' high chainlink where it's white or dotted white with a gate where indicated above the words "end of."  Then, where the two blue lines are, a 4' high chainlink fence with a gate beginning about a foot away from the house.  The yellow lines are nothing - they were the alternative locations of the side fence.  I decided to fence in as much as possible to keep the veggie garden off limits - it's from passersby and for when I'm watching family dogs or if I get one for myself.

The current veggie garden is along the bottom of the picture around where the words "with gate" are and the shed is on an 11' x 13' cement slab that doesn't show here at the bottom left corner.  The different colors of the lawn are not really there: they're artifacts of the satellite image I used for the picture when I first talked to the fence company last year.


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2 hours ago, sheep_herder said:

I also don't see a picture, just the little blue square. I also hope it works, as I think 3 of our 5 dogs can clear a 4' fence. 

Badge would watch us go to work, and greet us when we came home, with a sincere look on her face.

The neighbor tipped me off, she cleared the fence shortly after we left, and jumped back in, shortly before we came home.

Smart dog, I bet Yelva would do the same, the tow of them together would probably steal a car and take turns hanging their heads out the window

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