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I have no idea who is on the Sunshine Committee

Road Runner

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I would offer this suggestion:

Anybody who would like to participate say so in this thread to sign up for a group PM.

People who sign up would become part of The Special Operations Branch of the Sunshine Committee.

Members of the Special Operations Branch (SOB) would send items to jsharr's address, provided by the Sunshine Committee through the PM.

People could send items that reflect something unique to their area or home state, something they made, or perhaps even return of those photos and negatives they've been blackmailing jsharr with.

He'll probably see this and know what's going on, but he'd never what was coming, or when.  Things would just show up with a return address of 'Sunshine Committee - SOB" or some such.

If people would like to do this and the Sunshine Committee (whomever that is) approves, I am, of course, in.

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8 minutes ago, Dottles said:

Does it matter?


1 hour ago, Road Runner said:

I would just like to help show Jsharr how much he is loved here.  You can never have too much love.  :)


@jsharr has received Sunshine care packages in the past, so I have to believe he’s ok with others knowing his address, @Dottles

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