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We Ravens fans: Ravens look great but we feel sad for Joe Flacco


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Joe Flacco, starting QB for the Ravens for 11 years and a Super Bowl MVP, started for the Jets at home against the Ravens today with QB1 Zach Wilson out at least 3 weeks.

He was masterful and was praised again and again by the announcers.

But his receivers kept dropping balls or catching a pass then getting it punched out of their hands and recovered by the Ravens' excellent defensive backs.  Flacco's one interception occurred when a receiver slipped on the rainy field and fell down.

With less than 5 minutes left and the Ravens up 24-3, Flacco threw a perfect short pass to receiver Michael Carter who could have caught the ball at the 2 yard line and walked into the endzone.  Carter dropped it.  With 1 minute left, Flacco finally threw a TD pass: 307 yards passing and 1 TD.  Of course, the Jets kicker missed the extra point along with a missed FG earlier.

All game, Flacco has often been running for this life as soon as he gets the ball in his hands as his offensive line has collapsed again and again. He was sacked three times knocked down 8 other times. Yet he's still gotten excellent passes away and completed some.

Of course, Jets fans at the stadium being New York City fans, they were chanting for Flacco to be replaced by the 3rd string QB by the 3rd quarter!

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