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teeth whitening


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I think my toothpaste has some whitener built in, but I don't use any other whitener.  Two of my teeth in the front have either a stain or are naturally darker in spots, and it seemed to bother my dentist.  Once when I was in for a checkup she wanted to do a free treatment to try to whiten those spots, but I think she eventually gave up. I guess I'm not very observant, because I'd never noticed the spots that seemed to bother her.  I'm also wary about artificial whiteners impacting the enamel, although I've done no reading to see if that is a real risk or just one I imagined.

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7 hours ago, Old No. 7 said:

Nope. For me it’s kind of pointless. I can have white teeth or drink black coffee; can’t have both. I brush and floss, but I’ll settle for tan. 

Ditto.  I do use Whitening Crest, despite the old limerick, but it coffee doesn't let it do much.

Said the maid at a dude ranch out West,

To the cowboy who sat on her chest,

"Does ___ cause decay?"

He said, "No I've heard say,

It's the active ingredient in Crest!"

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