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Have you ever followed Charlie Munger's investment advice?


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This topic is kind of funny, if you ask me.

Am I to be what Mr. Munger is? I wouldn't chose to.

Mr. Munger is an influence in the world in which I live. So am I.

In order for me to follow advice from Mr. Munger, I would have to evaluate his advice and consider the elements which led to his perspective and decision.

Who has time for that kind of shit?

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Much ado is made on the "method" employed by the Berkshire Hathaway money machine. What they do is really simple, though. They evaluate companies based on a set of metrics. If the numbers come out right, they buy a position on the company. They buy a HUGE position in the company and recommend the world buys a position in the company. Then Berkshire Hathaway sends technical assistance over to the company to lock in the company's position. 

There is no mystery here. The last bit is the money maker.

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