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Amazon Canada fights back - behomoth wants to stay dominant


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3 hours ago, Further said:

I have been ordering more stuff directly from manufacturers and distributors rather than Amazon 

I do have to give Amazon credit for raising the bar on delivery times though. When I was a kid, mail order was a month’s long process 

Amazon takes a cut from the vendor revenue ....no matter how small priced the item is.  The little vendors are resigned to this probably because they are willing to have Amazon deal with the shipping and ensure system security protection for online payment.

Honestly for the things I've ordered which were directly from vendor site, it doesn't bother me to wait  1-2 wks. and pay slightly lower shipping fee since I didn't desperately need the item each time. If it was so urgent, I do go directly in person to buy the thing even if it means I pay a bit more. I'm not that cheap to save ie. 10% or even 20% because I realy did need the item and needed to touch/see it and try it in person.

I have never bought anything over $50.00 via online ordering to ship to me. Actually I buy items online less than 3 or less times annually.

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