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Happy Saturday


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Waiting for BuffCarla so we can start our vacation. Leaving on vacation is mega stressful for her, a workaholic. I’ve never been accused of being a workaholic. In fact at my first job in high school my nickname was La-Z-Boy. At the same time, most of the people who followed me at jobs I’ve left behind struggled to handle it. I’ve also twice assimilated full workloads of people, without noticing much difference. 

Today’s drive is about 6-7 hours with stops. I don’t like the 12 hour+ travel days, and avoid them if I can. We’ll get to the beach tomorrow afternoon. 

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Catch up on grocery shopping after 3 wks. for 2 different vacation locations outside of home province.

So farmers' market hunted down local produce:  corn, 2 types of plums, onions, garlic, zuchini, tomatoes (field and heirloom), cantaloupe, blue concord grapes.  Then after a Turkish spinach-feta cheese borek, I had 1/2 slice of wildberry pie and coffee. Wildberry was actually: blueberry, blackberry and cherries thrown together in a lovely,not overly sweet filling.

Beautiful fall day today. I wish it could go on for next 2 months.

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