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Wordle for 9/18/22 (Spoiler)

Road Runner
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40 minutes ago, Philander Seabury said:

Buff Jim cheated though by using a superior starting word. :D

Even with his starting word (which shall remain nameless), ST___ still has a sizable stock of possible options.  So coming up with STICK right away is pretty damn good.  :nodhead:

Other options off the top of my head:  STIFF,  STING,  STINK,  STINT,  STILT,  STOIC,  STOCK,  STOOD,  STOOL,  STOOP,  STOMP,  STONY,  STOUT,  STUFF,  STUNG,  STUNK,  STUCK,  STUMP,  STUNT,  and STUDY.     

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3 hours ago, Philander Seabury said:

it is good mental practice to try to remember to work T in for guess 2 and it’s fun to compare with other bozos. 

Totally agree.  I don't think everyone needs to play the same starting word, but for those of us who like to compare and contrast, it makes it more fun if several or more use the same word.  I will continue to use ARISE or whatever the dominant word is.  If most people start using STARE, I'll change to STARE.  However, I'm not going to use a word that is NOTL.  I still have dreams of getting it in one.  :)

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