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70 local bells tomorrow while @office, people drawn to pageantry, ritual


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So our city hall will ring bell 70 times at noon tomorrow.  Our sr. mgmt. even encouraged publicly for churches to do same, if they wished to ring their bell.

For Queen's funeral and recognition for length of her reign.

I normally work at the office on Mondays, anyway,  So will hear it all.. It will be historic locally, for us to ring city hall bell, so many times. I'm sure this be video recorded locally.

Really, lots of people are drawn to what the Queen represents to them, not the Queen herself..... arc of history she/some of us lived through many changes, all the funereal pageantry /drawn-out ritual of several days, that most don't have in their lives and for some, the type of grandmother image they never had. 

Yes, we can blame the media. But that's not really the best  "blame".  England won't fall on its face legally/constitutionally if the royals shortened / make the funeral event more discreet. 

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1 hour ago, Zealot said:

I’m of the mindset, “give honor where honor is due”. The queen, to the best of my knowledge, wore her crown honorably for a very long time. She deserves the honor of a noble funeral and remembrance. May she rest in peace. 

To me, she was a living symbol to have lived through major turning points of history and her visits to Commonwealth countries for some of a country's key historic moments.  She did for Canada and of course, we asked her.

You won't find in the Canadian news, grumbling by Canadian public on police security cost for at some of those key Canadian historic moments for her visit when we shared with her: Canada's centennial year (1967), signing of Canada's Constitution in 1982.  We needed her there in person, to signify to the Canadian public, the important difference of now as indepdendent country vs. former British colony.

The citations below, are how one cites these pieces of legislation as reference.  The Constitution Act forms the basis of Canadian constitutional law. Related to that, is the Canadian Charter of Rights.

PM Justin Trudeau's father,PM Pierre Trudeua did steer this. It is serious and real claim of historic importance for  Canada.  The Queen genuinely did remember father and son multiple times re visits. It's not surprising her response to Canada has a bit personal connection in this way at the leadership level.




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