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We finally got Covid


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I hope it’s not too bad for you & your wife Jerry.

Your situation sounds similar to my wife & I in that we both felt sick, me before her but I tested negative (at first) while she popped positive right away.  The next day I tested positive.

Maybe it was the reunion, that seems the most likely place to get it but at this point it is what it is.  

Rest up sir! 

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19 minutes ago, JerrySTL said:

Did I have a false negative on Tuesday?

Was it a home antigen test, or a PCR test? My wife had symptoms for 2 days while her antigen test kept resulting as negative. We assumed it was COVID because I had tested positive by PCR (after a negative antigen test that day), but it took until day three for the antigen test to catch up.

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1 hour ago, Rattlecan said:

I hope your symptoms are no worse than what I experienced over the last week. 
My first symptoms showed up last Thursday but a rapid test came up negative.

The next day I tested positive and still positive yesterday after eight days.

Somehow my wife has shown neither symptoms or a positive test.

That was me when my wife had it but I never tested positive or had symptoms.

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11 minutes ago, JerrySTL said:

Not bad.  Just like a mild summer cold. On the other hand, WoJSTL is feeling a lot of aches and pains plus cold and flu symptoms. I doubt that either of us will need to seek medical treatment.

Good to hear. For me, NyQuil and Dayquil combination worked very well, so your wife is probably feeling how I felt.

I did take a long time to feel better riding - mostly when trying to push it - but didn't feel so bad I couldn't ride, just couldn't go harder.  Even these months later, I still feel like I'm a bit erratic on the bike - good days and bad days with no clear reason why.  Whether it is covid, poor training regimen, or messed up diet, or something else, I never got my usual "groove" this year that I usually see this time of year :(  It's easier to blame covid :D than to blame myself for laziness or mistakes.

Take it easy, and I think you two will be fine.    

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On 9/18/2022 at 12:06 PM, JerrySTL said:

Last weekend WoJSTL and I went to my 50th high school reunion. Lots of interaction with people not wearing masks.

Monday we started our 6-day 240-mile Katy Trail ride with a group of 35. I started feeling like I had a cold on Tuesday, so we took Covid tests which came back negative.

Friday WoJSTL started feeling bad, so we assumed that she caught my cold. Riding 39 miles in the wind on Saturday was tough. I offered to sag in, but she wanted to finish the ride.

Today both of us were feeling bad and this time we both came up positive on the Covid test. I'm wondering when we caught it. Did I have a false negative on Tuesday? There were other people coughing on the bike ride.

We signed up for a half marathon on Saturday but don't know if we will feel up to it plus our isolation may end just the day before the event.

I guess the reunion because it was a large group to catch it from with a lot of talking, going on.

I think I caught mine in June from my nephew Adam's 8th Grade Graduation/Catholic Mass where I didn't wear a mask because it bothered me while singing.

I still wear a mask in stores, though I mainly do it because none in the family wants to pass a cold, flu, etc. to my BiL recovering from last Spring's lung lobe removal and weakening from subsequent chemotherapy to make as sure as possible all his cancer cells were wiped out.

Today is the first day I'm feeling like I have any energy after Thursday's double vaccinations: flu and Moderna Bivalent (orig. COVID plus B4 & B5 Omicron strains) Booster. I think I reacted strongly to it because I had Omicron in June and surely still have antibodies: they build up for 100 days and then drop off for up to 500 days.  Still, the reaction means I should be well protected for whatever strains peak in January.

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