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Another football thread


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So most of you know, I don’t watch college football much these days let alone listen but was stuck in the car driving yesterday for like 3 hours.  So I’m flipping through the radio when the Washington Huskies game comes on and they are playing the Michigan State Spartans. I’m thinking those poor bastards gotta come out all the way over here and play a crappy team. Yeah once upon a time we were good but not lately. In fact we have been so bad I quit paying attention. So you can imagine my surprise when the Spartans came into town with a #11 national ranking. WTF!? What’s going on out there in NCAA land? Anyway I’m down with that because I always root for MSU over UM any day.  But what really floored me was our pathetic program beat theirs. Two things came to mind — anybody who loses to our sorry ass must not be very good  — and once again a team East of the Mississippi was overrated. Shocker.

The end.

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11 minutes ago, ChrisL said:

I saw that the Huskies won and are a top 25 program now.  I did think of you @Dottles reading that post!  

Now that USC & UCLA are moving out of the PAC 12 the Huskies are on the way back! 

Yeah I am so ignorant of them these days I am not even qualified to give you an opinion about it. But I like your positivity!

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