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I'm somewhat optimistic aboot our new ERP system


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It's called PLEX. Anywho, we (engineering) have weekly training thru December which is an online meeting and homework to play around with it. We poked around, did some entries:word: have several questions/road blocks, but that's to be expected. Each department is doing their own thing. Its a web based program, where until now all of our ERP systems ran on our internal server. I must say being web based, it runs quicker than what we have which is Global Shop Solutions👍 I'm surprised.  Entering data is more cumbersome IMO because multiple screens are needed, where our current system this same information is added on the same screen 👎. The company that was hired to do the training and implementation is top notch 👍 and the is a corporate champion spear-dogging this which is also nice👍

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On 9/20/2022 at 10:30 AM, Kzoo said:

PLEX is a solid ERP system.  We have several clients running PLEX.  All are happy customers.


I must say I really like PLEX, add me to the happy list. Web based and very fast acting. Navigating around is very easy, editing things is easy, seeing lists is easy. Nice software. Creating POs however not to intuitive. I've only created one so far, but I'm sure it'll seem easier once I do a few.

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I always liked getting new electronic tech toys to play with.

Once around 1972, the Chemistry Department got an automatic titrator - the state of the art back then - that determined how strong an acid or base is.

A few organic chemistry professors and a few of us Seniors who worked in the department set it up.

We thought we had it all set up when we were stumped by the last instruction: "Ensure that the 110VAC power supply is operative."

At the time, I was dating a freshman chem major named Paula who walked into the lab, looked at the instruction sheet, and asked, "Doesn't that just mean 'Plug it in?'"

Six guys hung our heads in shame and just laughed!

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25 minutes ago, bikeman564™ said:

its working. I told my boss & colleague the same thing :D


When I worked for an international company (which is no longer quite so international, and was run at that time by someone who could have been referred to as Mack Belch :whistle: )  the purchasing department launched a new system for entering PO's.

Nobody could get it to work by following the steps in the manual that came with the system.  Not even the purchasing department.

So I kept at the system by trial and error and a bit of intuition, and came up with a sequence that actually would let someone enter a PO.  I typed it all up in what is called a 'two-column' format and shared it with the rest of my department.  We were the only ones in the company that were entering PO's.

We posted a copy of the working instructions outside our offices, with what I suppose could be considered some snarky less-than-diplomatic comments about the original procedure.  Clandestine copies started circulating around in the other departments, and soon PO's started flowing again.

About a couple days after we'd posted the new procedure, the Vice President in charge of the purchasing department ripped down the procedure we'd posted, charged into our offices and demanded to know who'd written the improper procedure that everybody was now using.  And of course, nobody said a word but all looked at me.  Uh oh.

The Vice President read me the riot act about writing up an unapproved procedure, that protocols had to be followed, that from now on we'd use the approved procedure from the purchasing department or none at all, etc. etc. and more blustery etc.  He was pretty hot about the whole thing.

When he'd finally wound down I said a very bad thing. 

I said "Well, sir, my procedure works.  The one from the purchasing department doesn't."

It got real quiet, his face got red like he was going to explode, and then he turned and stomped out without another word.

I later heard through back channels from the purchasing department that they'd heard about the whole affair, including what I'd said.  They thought it was funny, but I was the poor sod that had ticked off a Vice President.  And, unofficially of course, they said they'd all ditched the approved procedure and were quietly using the one I wrote. 

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