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Hurricane Fiona expected to miss U.S. East Coast


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It looks like the U.S. mainland's Atlantic Coast will dodge a bullet as Category 3 Hurricane Fiona moves north this week, but I'm not taking chances.

I am expecting to finish my sister's and BiL's shed (same model as mine) today.  Their's is built on a wooden deck and if Fiona turns toward the coast by Thursday, I'm going to buy 2 1/2" deck screws, and screw the bottom frame into the deck through the convenient holes provided in the galvanized steel, a few screws on each side which won't take more than a half hour. If BiL wants something different after they return from vacation, he can remove the screws and do what he want's.  I'll also run a wire through the padlock holes on the doors so they stay shut.

My shed is more involved, being on a cement slab.  Either today or tomorrow, I'm going to finally get around to installing some wooden shims under one corner of my bottom frame where the cement slab isn't level, then drill and screw in my shed's anchor kit to the cement slab.  I've been though enough hurricanes to know how easily they can blow over and wreck some thing like my shed, which only weighs 200 lb.


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