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the “sign of peace”


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We talked about dispute resolution last night with the leadership team of the scout troop.  Amazing how they already understand not to invalidate feeling, listen empathetically and help restore peace and trust in our troop.   One thing I like to do when resolving conflict that I am involved in is to ask for forgiveness instead of apologizing.   

Peace be with you Susan.

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40 minutes ago, MoseySusan said:

In addition to being a moment for leaving grievances behind before accepting the Eucharist in a religious rite, the sign of peace widely symbolizes good will and a shared commitment to do no harm. 

It may seem perfunctory to bid our neighbor “Peace be with you” because of the repetition. My experience has been different, though. This greeting often fills me with joy that people are reconnecting in a moment heavy with reconciliation for those who bear a grievance against each other. It is literally a call to get over it, to prepare for miracle. I share it freely and with genuine love for others. 

I don't attach that much meaning to the peace sign, it seems like holding up a hand and saying 'howdy' for a certain group or other.  It doesn't strike me as religious at all, but it does seem mostly perfunctory unless I am looking for further meaning in it.

Have a good one would be a fine substitute, as would 'hey' or 'howdy', or "how's it hanging?", or any 'h' word, really.  If someone is coming at me with a 'peace be with you', I know there is gonna be some weird religion in there somewhere, though.  

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