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Good interactions with the PO

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SW -

My experiences with mail forwarding have indicated that the USPS does not forward mail.  Do not expect to receive any forwarded mail.  Get your contacts notified of your new address ASAP if you want to get your mail.


Several years ago, a nut job poured gasoline into the outgoing mail slot at the local main post office.  This resulted in damage to some of the adjacent P.O. boxes,  The local postal personnel replaced the box doors, but instead of spending 50 cents on new stickers to put the correct number on the box used by one of the local outdoor organizations that I belong to, they made us change our address.  They said "fill out this form and we will forward your mail."  We filled out the form, and they forwarded exactly one envelope.  All the rest they marked as "Address Unknown" and sent them back the senders.  This was just at the time of year when we were collecting checks for the annual dues.  Naturally, many of out members though we had gone out of existence.  It cost us over $500 to print change of address notices and mail them out.  When we complained to the local postmaster, were basically told "tough luck".

2 years ago I mailed out my Christmas cards on December 14th.  Unknown to me at the time, one of them that went to a P.O. box now needed to go to the street address, as the P.O. box was no longer in use.  There was a forwarding order in place.  The recipient's post office personnel held the card for 7 months until the forwarding order expired and then sent it back to me with a "Forwarding Order Expired" sticker.  I received on July 7th of the following year.  They could have delivered it the final 5 miles to the recipient, but did not want to do so.

This year, one of the local companies that I do business with moved to new location and new building that even Google maps did not know about.  They also had a forwarding order.  However, my correspondence sent to their new address was not delivered by the local post office personnel.  One envelope was held for two months before being returned to me.

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7 hours ago, jdc2000 said:

moved to new location and new building that even Google maps did not know about

This is one of my concerns, my house, street, and neighborhood are all new.  Not on Google.  The post office doesn;t recognize it.  I tried to change my address with Amazon, I had to confirm twive that my unreognized address was correct.  I had to ask my credit card company to change it for me as their system refused the address.  Hopefully the PO picks it up soon as I imagine most companies have an API to them.

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