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15 minutes ago, Dirtyhip said:

Had my phone headset on at work.  It had music gently playing.   Someone came in and I helped them.  I thought I had set the headset down on my desk.  It was nowhere.  I could hear the music.  It was faintly playing but I could hear it gently playing.  Everywhere I looked, the music just wasn't getting louder. I looked for about 15 minutes, walking around the office...looking.  Nothing.  Thought I was going insane. :blink:

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Then I finally realized it was slung against my neck.  :facepalm:


Funny story!  Sometimes, while watching sports, I'll listen to mp3's with headphones.  Then some big play will happen and I'll put the headphones on the arm of the chair or around my neck to hear the commentary.  After that, a different song has begun to play and I wonder why music seems to be coming out of my TV's sound bar - which on rare occasions does pick up other signals.

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