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11 hours ago, petitepedal said:

My car transaction is set for 10am Friday...that is the sale of my Mazda 6.

Last note from the dealership...my car should be in next week.

Great!  I was lucky with my last car.  15 min. before Jan. 1, 2013, someone very slightly bumped my 1997 Ford Taurus - you could hardly see a mark on the bumper - but it triggered the air bags and that totaled the older, low-Blue Book value, car.

A rental car was delivered by State Farm the next morning and I drove to the local Honda Dealer because I had already decided I wanted a base-automatic, "vortex blue" 2013 Honda Fit - used cars at the time were almost as expensive as new then.

There was only one new Fit in that color on the lot and it had pinstripes and mudflaps.  I got them to throw them in for free and the whole deal, with no trade-in, was $18,000.  The U.S. News online app and a couple other apps said $18,250 was an excellent deal in my ZIP code for the base automatic with no extras so I was happy.

State Farm was supposed to pay only 80% of the week's rental of a Ford Focus until the new car was ready, but my agent said it was his fault he hadn't set it to 100% percent in my insurance contract, so State Farm paid for 100% of the rental.  I've had some friends and relatives tell me they have insurance from companies with lower insurance premiums than State Farm, but it's not that much and I'd be an idiot to switch after the great experiences I've had with State Farm.

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