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I booked this room b/c it has a walk-in shower


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10 hours ago, Road Runner said:

I'm not sure I want to sit naked on a seat where hundreds of people before me have sat naked.  :huh: 

Our pool's locker room has those. My old office locker room had that too.  Seem way more common at gyms or shared facilities.  I will put it up out of the way or put my foot on it so I can scrub a leg or my toes. :)

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I have the about 1 1/2 foot side of a tub to step over into my bathtub'shower, but there's a towel rack near it that I specified had to be screwed solidly into the wooden studs behind the wall, that I use to balance myself as I step over.  Before the fire, there was a window with a wooden frame that was covered with plastic curtains.  After the fire, the tile was run all the way around the plastic-framed window with an opaque privacy pattern over the bottom half of the window and water can hit it with no problem.  That window ledge is my other balancing and reference spot, when I've got closed, soapy eyes and turn around in the shower.  If I'm not touching something, I sometimes feel a little off-balance when turning.

Here's the almost-completed bathroom in June 2021.  A towel rack was installed, screwed into the wooden studs behind the wall, on the left wall close to the tiling.  Of course, I put in a shower curtain.  The bottom half of the Anderson window, where the grilles are between the glass panes, is opaque due to an adhesive pattern placed on top of the glass.

The window ledge - minus whatever's sitting on it in the picture, is my balancing guide when turning around in the shower with my eyes closed.


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3 hours ago, Airehead said:

why do you need a walk in shower?

It's a preference. I've been using one at home for 15 years, 5 years before that in a different house and 8 years before that in a different house.

The tub bottom texture varies considerably hotel-to-hotel, from nice & grippy to slick as whale snot.

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I suspect in a hotel the chair is for ADA compliance for accessibility.  When my parents redid a bathroom in their old house they converted a bathtub to a walk in shower just to avoid the risk of falling.  They didn't need the chair, but not stepping in and out of the tub was a very good idea.

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No shit, the night I came home after doing the Ironman my wife had to help me get my bibs off.  She had to help me lift my legs over the ledge of our shower.  I think that I could have lifted them over, but I was too scared that they would cramp.

It was prob 2 nights until I was able to sleep.  I just laid there and shivered.  I had chills like I had the flu or something.  My legs were super crampy.  I would have loved to have had a shower like that to walk into. 

I can remember the second day after the race the wife wanted to ride bikes.  I didn't want to try and fit my feet into bike shoes.  I rode the MTB with slicks on it and flat pedals and slip flops VERY slowly. :)

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