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This Day in History: A Century of Fascism

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I hadn’t realized he had been executed before being hung from the light post. I always assumed the hanging was the cause of his death.


Mussolini and Petacci were executed the following afternoon, two days before Adolf Hitler's suicide.

The bodies of Mussolini and Petacci were taken to Milan and left in a suburban square, the Piazzale Loreto, for a large angry crowd to insult and physically abuse. They were then hung upside down from a metal girder above a service station on the square.

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1 hour ago, maddmaxx said:

That time in history hasn't ended yet.

So true. Tragic, but sort of predictable.  Hell, you can literally have the fascist playbook in your hands, and still see folks fall under its sway :(  


Plain old folks fearful of change and embracing the lies that time can be stopped, change is mutable, and they are "safe" if they just check/challenge/stop the "other".

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4 hours ago, maddmaxx said:

That time in history hasn't ended yet.

I guess that's why the title says "A Century of Fascism," not "A Century Since Fascism."

Note that Francisco Franco, who America and Britain would support until his death, was a Fascist and Hitler's Germany provided arms and air force support when he fought a Civil War to gain power.

When the British wanted to fool the Germans into thinking the Allies, after capturing all of North Africa, were going to attack Greece, not Sicily, they froze the body of a man and created a fictitious Royal Air Force officer who was dropped off the coast of Spain by surfaced submarine as if he died in a plane crash with an attache case handcuffed to his wrist that contained fake secret information about the allies preparing to invade Greece.

The story is in the famous book and movie, "The Man Who Never Was."  They even went back and put fake school report cards in schools when the fake officer had been a child and put two recent theater ticket stubs in his RAF uniform pockets.

The British counted on fascist Spain turning the information over to the Germans.  And they did!  The Germans moved some defenses from Sicily to Greece.

Still Franco stayed officially neutral in the war and the USA and UK and France supported his fascist dictatorship until he died in 1975.

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