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Browns Vs. Steelers.

Shu Fang

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2 hours ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

Heck of a catch.

Are you talking about Pickens?  If so, that was a Giants-era Beckham-esque catch, pretty cool.

My brother texted  before halftime, and said "I guess we're not playing defense anymore".  I applaud the Browns for staying with the run to chew up the clock.  Brissett looks uncharacteristically good that I have seen.  A couple of catches by the Browns that the receivers had no real business dropping.  Cooper, and then Njoku did Njoku things like having the ball in his hands and then hearing footsteps.  You are a damn NFL player, you should be hearing footsteps every day and still hold on to the damn ball.  That guy is not worth the money the Browns spent on him, I feel, best go spend on some linebackers instead.  

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I generally root for the team least likely to make the playoffs and I was rooting for the Browns in this one.

Maybe I should have been rooting for the Steelers.

Steelers QB Trubisky was ok when he had the sidelines he's historically good at in the first half, but couldn't get it done when the Browns adjusted and patrolled the sidelines in the second half: whenever you see the cornerbacks' butts pointing at the sideline before the snap, you know they're doing some version of zone coverage.

Steelers Coach Tomlin said, after the game, there would be no change at QB, but 2022 1st round draft pick Kenny Pickett is waiting in the wings and looked good in preseason.  But Tomlin may feel Trubisky's experience gives the Steelers the best chance of working its way into the playoffs.  Tomlin has never had a losing season after 15th seasons as Steelers Head Coach.


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21 hours ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

. I have no idea who the Browns QB is. 

Probably the dumbest headline ever:

Could Jacoby Brissett keep the starting job after Deshaun Watson returns?

Posted by Mike Florio on September 23, 2022, 10:29 AM EDT
Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
Getty Images

If Cowboys owner Jerry Jones can muse about Cooper Rush possibly playing well enough to keep Dak Prescott on the sidelines, why can’t the Browns ponder a similar possibility?

Jacoby Brissett is playing well, through three games. The Browns have compiled a 2-1 record. (They’d be 3-0 if they’d better managed the clock at the end of Sunday’s game against the Jets.) How many wins over the next eight games does Brissett need to create the same kind of dilemma that Jones seems to be trying to speak into existence in Dallas?


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26 minutes ago, Huge Gelatinous Blob said:

Probably the dumbest headline ever:

Maybe but these are not bad stats.  And if what you say is true about the many dumb drops, he plays above his stats.


2022 CLE 3 61 92 66.3 596 198.7 6.5 4 0 1 13 64 21.3 4.9 0 0 0 0
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2 hours ago, Kzoo said:

Maybe but these are not bad stats.  And if what you say is true about the many dumb drops, he plays above his stats.

I don't disagree that his stats are good, but you have to take a look at who they played and the state of the running game.  The Panthers defense wasn't bad, but it wasn't what I was expecting, either.  The Jets?  They have a few pieces, but they have some holes and nobody expected to lose to them.  The Steelers just looked a little lost on defense. 

At any rate, when the run game is cooking, defenses will stack another guy or two in the box and you have more time for reads/progressions and will get less pressure.  You have to remember that Brissett has had a couple long and solid chances to be the guy with a couple of teams previously, and couldn't provide a lot other than good game management.  He is an excellent backup, and I hope he keeps overachieving.  He isn't going to take over games, though.  The second Watson is eligible, I think Watson starts unless Brissett gets on a smokin' hot epic run around that time.

Btw, when is Pickett going to play?  Pittsburgh could use a bit of a spark on offense, and while Trubisky is serviceable, can he really do that?  I really am not sure.  He only had one year starting in college, then went to a bad situation  in going to the Bears, at least as far as offensive support or direction.  He seemed kind of hung out to dry, like Fields is currently dealing with.  Anyway, he hasn't had much of a chance to develop good habits and confidence as a pro.

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