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So I need your best suggestions


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14 minutes ago, petitepedal said:

So I need your best suggestions

Professional help is all I can suggest.  It is not remotely something that can be fixed without the time, resources, and training to do it. :(

Sorry this is in your lap.  The question often becomes one of just making the hoarding "safe", not actually changing the hoarder.  Most hoarders eventually get into "fire hazard" territory, and a fire inspector and /or the city or county health department may have a process for addressing just that sliver of the problem.

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Do they want to clear anything out?  Sometimes things just accumulate and people realize it's too much.  But if it's a real illness, I don't think the person thinks it's too much and doesn't want to change.  If it 's the second, there's not a lot you can do /

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Is it literally everything they keep? Or maybe they are secretly overwhelmed about 1 of the big piles.

Not easy.

Sometimes they might want help on a small/tiny corner of their big pile. Maybe help take out some stuff and go out somewhere to sort it...away from home ground..if possible.  Just little pile.  You're not therapist. Celebrate with a snack, etc.  Progress in this area counts.   Just friends. Below from Mayo Clinic site:


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4 hours ago, petitepedal said:

For helping someone who has had mental health issue for 50 years and is a hoarder and just can't get rid of stuff.

Unfortunately there is no pill that you can take to help you toss out crap you don't need or use.

My grandmother was a hoarder. Got to the point she almost got evicted from her senior high rise, she was collecting newspapers in all her hallways that became a fire hazard. 12 dozen eggs in the fridge. Orphaned in NYC during the Great Depression was her background and how I conceptualized it. High dose SSRIs like Prozac can help, and exposure therapy. My grandmother never did those, but thankfully allowed my mom to clean out her apartment to avoid eviction. Barely.

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