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Everytime I see someone with an eyebrow ring...


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I picture myself with an eyebrow ring while I'm sweating, I wipe my brow with my hand, the ring snags something, and I rip a 1" long tear in my skin - and you know how eyebrow cuts bleed.

That keeps me from ever thinking about getting one.

Does that ever happen?

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I had a Private in my squad that showed up with an earring for guardmount (pre shift inspection).  I told him if he showed up for my guardmount wearing that again I was going to rip it out.

Sumbitch the Private showed up the next day with that earring so…. I freaking ripped it out tearing his earlobe.   I told him if he freaking bleeds on Govt property (his uniform) he’d be doing PT for days so I dismissed him to stem the bleed but he worked his shift.

He apologized later stating he forgot and wasn’t showing me up but I just told him it really makes no difference why, you fucked up.  Don’t ever disregard the orders of an NCO again.  I think he learned his lesson.

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