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8 minutes ago, groupw said:

WoW was in a work meeting yesterday and left the meeting concerned even though she received some assurances her job would be there for the “foreseeable future” That’s about all I can say without violating her NDA she had to sign. 
Let’s just say she freshened her resume’  and is uploading it on some job sites. She has a good resume’. She would like to continue WFH, but if the pay increase is enough to justify a car payment we may add a Mazda rather than trade. Lots to think about. 

Being prepared for whatever situation occurs is smart.  Way to go and good luck!

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That’s what I did when during a virtual all hands meeting deep cuts (after a large layoff) we’re in the world for 2022. I found my resume, freshened it up, updated my LinkedIn & Indeed profiles and waited… Sure enough it was a good call as I was able to start searching immediately.

I have talked to numerous people at my old employer about the should I leave now or wait & see.  It’s a tough call as waiting may cause you to lose a great opportunity but waiting & getting laid off will also result in a severance & paid medical for a period of month(s) or possibly continued employment…

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I never trust the words "foreseeable future" or how a company tries to ensure that you have nothing to fear.. Everyone is replaceable for the right lower price or if the company just feels like cutting a certain group. I don't blame her for starting to look for a new job. Hopefully the NDA does not effect a future job in the same field. 

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