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Thought some might be interested, from the RIV group


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Jennifer Weiner is a prolific author. I have read several of her novels but 
I did not know she likes to ride. She wrote a piece for The New York Times 
about how her bike moved her forward through her grief after her mother 
died of cancer. I believe I was first alerted to this story on the iBob 
group. I totally related to her story because when Dad died I did the exact 
same thing to get through those first months. Anyway, reading that piece 
prompted me to follow Jennifer on Instagram. She posts a lot about her 
rides, and she has just finished a work of fiction that takes place on a 
bike tour, titled The Breakaway. I am so excited to read it.
Anyway, she does something really great - she rides her bike to the cities 
on her book tours. She rides an elderly Trek with drop bars and colorful 
kit, and I WISH she knew about Rivendell. But regardless of her bike 
choice, she's really inspiring and I hope you get some enjoyment from her 
NYT piece and her IG. I've attached a link.

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