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This race should have been over an hour ago


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NASCAR Texas has been a junk race.  It reminds me of the very first Tallladega  race when the tires were so dangerous that the racers spent more time cruising than racing,  It was stupid hot at 96 and the right rear tires are blowing after about 35 laps wrecking car after car.

The last car standing will win this one.

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17 minutes ago, sheep_herder said:

Red flag due to lightning did not help the length. I missed the fun due to the sheep dog trials, but tuned in briefly during to the red flag stop.

It was actually a pretty interesting race at the very end.  With darkness and cooler temps the winner ran longer on a set of tires than most thought he could while withstanding a charge from the second place car.

Next week, on to Talladega where anything is possible and anyone can get taken out of the race by someone else's mistake.  Still, there's an art to plate racing and it's fun to watch the masters at work.

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