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Saturday will be a big day for Kiara.


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5 minutes ago, Airehead said:

I hope she is excited without too much pressure. What grade is she in?

8th grade   I compared her time last Saturday to where it would have placed her last year.  If she would have went last year that time would have been 12th out of 107

She got blocked in on a narrow course Saturday and felt she could have done much better.  This will be a bigger open course so that shouldn't happen.

She has been doing 5 and 10K races and is having a hard time adjusting to the shorter 3K course used for middle schools.


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This summer she ran 2 5k races placing second in age at both.  Beat by the same girl both times.  She ran 3 large 10K races.  2 3rd place in age and her lowest finish was 12th at the Bridge run in SC  I don't know how many were in her age group there.  I'm guessing that was a large run.



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